18/08 - 05/09/2014

The north is not the place of the wind, but rather where birds come from

Taking the new home of Arteleku as the hub, our plan is to open up the map and create daily exploration routes, in a 225 metre radius. Experiencing the here and now of each spot; capturing the daily way of life of the people passing through, aware of the sounds at the different times of the day.  The visible daily life and the latent imaginary interlink to create a choral, fragmented and animated cartography of the place and surrounding areas.

Playing at imagining how each point is occupied, the glances found, the stones trodden and the voices lost. Using animation to freeze moments is the way of playing Battleships.   Before finally folding the map away,  we aim to use an everyday dimension to continue to building on the ideas that Menchu Gutiérrez decisively charted, by placing on the map the main points, the compartments for thinking, the sea and sacred mountain.

The animation workshop is the last of a trilogy.  As when Kieslowski filmed Red after Blue and White. The enigmatic characters residing in the three films and who did not know each other, meet by chance in an accident at sea and are thrown together confused and tousled, wrapped in blankets. A scene that we see on the News, in the lounge of an emotional Jean-Louis Trintignant, the main character of Haneke’s Amour. There is a retired judge and at odds with the world, who is, also, an almighty demiurge recluse in his hut who lives the life of other people by means of  tapping their telephones and who seems to dictate their future.   

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