This workshop looks for options for the ways in which space is treated. Using resources such as videos projected on three-dimensional spaces, anamorphosis, the projection of light and shadow and other tools related to the overlay between real and virtual space.

Some key elements of this exploration are the overlap of the physical and the virtual, the generation of mental spaces by the observer, the dissolution of the boundaries between real and perceived, the links between space and time, the primacy of subjective experience as a tool to communicate and the use of light as prime matter.

These ideas are mostly developed site-specific, formulated as a direct response to the perceptual qualities, physical conditions and surrounding influences of a certain location or space.

These work resources increase the options available to architects, artists, stage designers, investigators and people from any other discipline that has to deal with space in one way or another. The workshop is for creators who are interested in rethinking the concept of space from perception. Prior specific knowledge is not necessary for attending the workshop.



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10:00 - 14:00
16:00 - 19:00




Para inscribirte envía cv y una breve carta de motivación./ Nº máximo de participantes 12.