In February 2012, Raspberry Pi, a small computer, was launched on the market. It is barely the size of a credit card and comes with high definition (HD) video capacity, 5.1 surround audio output, USB ports, GPIO sockets with the option to connect to external sensors and Linux operating system. All of which costs just over €30.All these characteristics make it particularly appropriate for digital experimentation and artistic installations, particularly in combination with Arduino  

During the session, held in a round table format, the participants will be able to see and analyse different projects using Raspberry Pi, discuss its different possibilities and resources, along with connecting it to sensors and peripherals, the different programming options, setting up, etc.This open session is aimed at artists, programmers and anyone with an interest in learning about what Raspberry Pi is and for what it can be used.

Irekiak is a series of sessions that we organise at Arteleku on Mondays.It is an open space for dialogue, where each person just shares their know-how and learns what, in turn, others know how to do.Come along and take part freely and no registration is needed.












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18:00 - 20:00