The third IREKIAK sessions is devoted to the world of microphones.Therefore, Iñigo Telletxea will show us low-budget and high-performance DIY microphones, along with other transducers that produce unusual sound recordings:Ultrasonic, electromagnetic, hydrophone, light microphones, contact, binaural and stereophonic microphones…During the session, apart from explaining how all these devices work, different works produced using this type of technology will be played.It will end with a quick overview of the techniques to build them, to lay the foundations for future specific IREKIAK sessions. 

Iñigo Telletxea is a musician and a member of the ERTZ festival and the AUDIOLAB association.He works on producing sounds for films, field recordings, electro-acoustic compositions, rock music and constructing any type of unusual microphones. 

IREKIAK is a series of sessions that we organise at Arteleku on Mondays.It is an open space for dialogue, where each person just shares their know-how and learns what, in turn, others know how to do.Come along and take part freely and no registration is needed.






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18:00 - 20:00